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Harlem - Manhattan

Harlem has been enjoying a real renaissance in the last five years. Gorgeous brownstones are being renovated and block-by-block it is starting to regain some of its old glamour. Traditionally the housing and cultural center for African Americans, the neighborhood has become richly diverse and wonderful French, Algerian and American dining can be found right alongside each other. President Bill Clinton has his office here, Old Navy and H&M have just moved in and there are a plethora of fabulous dining options, try Sylvia's gospel brunch on Sundays or Lenox Lounge for dinner and jazz every night of the week, La Kitchenette has it's second branch here at 122 and Amsterdam (it's first being in SOHO).

Prices in Harlem is one of the fastest growing in all of Manhattan. It is filled with families as well as single urban professionals who has been priced out of downtown but still wants to live somewhere accessible by train and on it's way up. The church is an important part of the community here and the people are extremely proud of their neighborhood.

The original name given by its original Dutch settlers in 1658 was New Haarlem after the Dutch city of Haarlem, but was renamed by the English in 1664 to Harlem. Harlem's history is deep and rich. The Harlem Renaissance started in the Mid 1920's when African American art and cultured showed new levels of creative energy. With its commitment to giving artistic expression to the African-American experience Harlem became the epicenter of a cultural revolution. With places like the Apollo Theatre and the Lennox Lounge still breathing creative life into the community, the renaissance might be over, but the magic is still there.

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