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Tribeca - Manhattan

It seems that every hot neighborhood in New York is a place that people fled to at one point to escape sky-rocketing rents. Tribeca (the triangle below Canal St.) is no different. This is where residents began flocking to years ago when prices in nearby SoHo ran out of control. Now, prices of Tribeca Lofts are growing faster than any other properties.

Tribeca used to be Manhattan's vegetable, produce and flower district, but the markets were sent away in the 1960s when Independence Plaza was built at 40 Harrison. Now you'll find more intimate eateries and less booming, thumping, pulsing bars and nightclubs. In fact, it's eerily quiet here at night, and surprisingly family-oriented.

So who lives here? It's the upper-class bohemians, if you will. The Financial District is within walking distance, so you'll find lots of young, successful types; you'll also find the older, more established financial types. The neighborhood, though steeped in Wall Street money, tries hard to hold on to its artistic, expressive roots. To keep in touch with this feel, head to Biblio's Bookstore and Café at 317 Church-excellent for poetry readings.

What most people know about Tribeca is that it's home to Robert DeNiro's world-class restaurant Tribeca Grill, which is an excellent high-end eatery, not just a place made trendy by its famous owner. John F. Kennedy Jr. used to live in this neighborhood; Edward Burns now lives in his apartment.

Because there are not many large grocery stores in this desirable neighborhood, you just might be forced to eat at DeNiro's joint every night (if you can afford it). Stop by Bubby's on Hudson and North More, which is excellent for lunch and brunch and offers big salads and lots of Southern flair. If you're in the mood for sushi, Nobu (105 Hudson) is a great choice, and if you can't get in, well then walk two doors down to its sister restaurant, Next door Nobu.

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