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Upper East Side - Manhattan

There are two words to describe this neighborhood: old money. This is arguably one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the world, and has been for more than 100 years. After all, this is where people with last names such as Carnegie, Whitney, Astor, and Vanderbilt made their homes-or their mansions, more appropriately. Even Gracie Mansion, where the city's mayoral residence sits, is here.

Those who live here are refined, conservative, and stuck to their ways. Note that if you plan to move here, you shouldn't plan to rock the boat too much-if at all. Residents here like things just the way they are, thank you very much. While old money rules here, that's not to say that it's not also filled with lots of families. The area has a great neighborhood feel to it, and has some of the best private schools in the city.

Whatever you want, you can find on the Upper East Side. You have Central Park to the west, and also the world's best museums (along Museum Mile you'll find the Whitney Museum, the Guggenheim, the Jewish Museum, and the Cooper-Hewitt Museum -which Andrew Carnegie built and lived in-to name just a few), world-class shops and boutiques, Christie's and Sotheby world-famous auction houses, as well as Tiffany's, Barney's and Louis Vuitton.

The buildings are typically pre-war, pristinely preserved, and just about every single one of them comes complete with an immaculately uniformed (including white gloves) doorman. You'll never have to hail a taxi again.

When you are not busy shopping or enjoying the museums and attractions you can enjoy outdoor fun at at some of the most noteworthy parks in the city. You have the famous Carl Shurz Park from East 84th to 90th Street running between East End Avenue and the river and John Jay Park & Pool from East 76th to 70th Street & Cherokee Place which includes an public Olympic size outdoor swimming pool.

Of course there are many smaller parks to hang out and relax at that are often used to shoot films in, which few people know about. For example on East 57th or 58th Street as far east as you can go. Both parks are very charming and have the feel of old-world New York City. You might even catch DeNiro shooting a new flick here.

After relaxing in the park you can head to the flashy French bistro Jubilee on 54th just west of First Avenue. For something a bit more casual check out EJ's Luncheonette at 73rd and 3rd, a great place for brunch. You'll have to wait in long line to get a table, but it'll be well worth it. Sarabeth's Kitchen on Madison and 93rd is the quintessential brunch/lunch spot and has its own bakery with delectable goods and jams. But nothing compares to Grace's Marketplace on 71st and Third Avenue for gourmet shopping. Grace is part of the Balducci family, and has created a gem of a place that shouldn't be missed.

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